Zipper repair service

The zipper on your favourite product no longer works?

In many cases we offer a repair service outside of the warranty.

Depending on how busy our repair department is, the repair will take around four to six weeks.

You can find out which service is suitable for your product by sending an email to

Please note: Outward shipping costs are borne by you as the buyer. We cover return shipping after the repair has been completed.

service: Replacement zipper (simple)
Sale price€15,00

VAT included plus shipping costs

Zipper repair service


Clean product thoroughly

When sending in the product, we assume that it will arrive in a clean condition.

For hygiene reasons, to shorten processing times and out of consideration for our employees, please clean your product thoroughly before shipping. If we receive the product in an unhygienic condition, we reserve the right to return the product without further processing, to our relief.

Transport to Crumpler

You are responsible for sending the product to us yourself. Make sure that you send the product to us in a sufficiently large box to prevent damage during transport. You will not receive a confirmation of receipt. Please use the tracking function for your package (if available).

Address: Bagmania GmbH
c/o Crumpler Onlineshop
Osterather Str. 7
50739 Cologne

Repair and return

We can only decide whether a repair is possible after we have received and inspected your product. Please note that we repair it so that it works again, not so that it looks like new again.

We cannot remove signs of use and aging during the repair. The repair takes about 4-6 weeks. We will cover the cost of return shipping.