Functions & Tips

Magnetic Centre-Push Buckle

In contrast to conventional fasteners, the flat and less bulky magnetic centre-push fastener is easy to close and lock.

Thanks to its central push button, it can be opened with one hand in a user-friendly way and has exceptionally good holding power.

Our "Love Handle"

Our "Love Handle" is a very popular integrative functional element on many Crumpler messenger bags.

Incorporated as loops on both sides, it holds the excess webbing and prevents the shoulder strap from sticking out from the bag and getting caught on unwelcome obstacles.

The “Third Leg Stabilizer”

Our "Third Leg Stabiliser" is a removable strap system that is fitted to most of our Crumpler messenger bags. It can be attached on both sides and ensures that the bag sits firmly on your back when cornering quickly, on bumpy roads and during awkward encounters.

Particularly practical for and popular with cyclists.

The video shows what we mean!